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How To Find The Perfect Vocal Mic For Recording

How To Find The Perfect Vocal Mic For Recording

by Graham CochraneSeptember 12, 2016

Want better vocal recordings? Then find the best mic…for your voice.

That’s right – not the best mic in the world, but the best microphone for YOUR voice. (Or your client’s voice)

Today I’m going to do a little mic shootout so you can hear the differences between different mics and to help you build a framework for finding the perfect mic for you!

From $100 Up To $700

The microphones I’m using today range from less than $100 on up to around $700. Not the full range of all microphones to be sure, but a pretty solid range for the typical home or project studio.

Specifically I’ll be using a:

  • Behringer B1
  • Rode NT1a
  • Neumann TLM 102
  • And a Shure SM57

I’ll let you you hear each one a few different times, both in solo and in context with the mix so you can hear the truth: that all microphones are different, but all microphones bring something to the table.

Let’s do this!

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Graham Cochrane
Graham Cochrane is a creative and versatile producer, engineer, songwriter, and worship leader based out of Tampa, FL. He provides remote mixing, and mastering services to clients worldwide.   As the founder of The Recording Revolution, Graham's articles and tutorials have been featured worldwide by Avid, PreSonus, Slate Digital, Editors Keys, and Behringer to name a few, reaching readers in over 40 countries.   For more information and samples of Graham's work, please visit www.grahamcochrane.com.
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